Be Mindful is a campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation UK charity to raise awareness of the benefits of Mindfulness.

The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University offers a range of professional and personal training and courses and a Masters programme in teaching mindfulness based approaches.

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, part of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry, works with partners around the world to prevent depression and enhance human potential through the therapeutic use of mindfulness.

The Mindfulness Initiative is a policy institute that grew out of a programme of mindfulness teaching in the UK Parliament.  It helped the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (MAAPG) carry out an inquiry into how mindfulness could be incorporated into UK services and institutions.

The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Program The website of Kristen Neff, one of the founders of the MSC course


‘If we are to grasp the reality of our life while we have it, we will need to wake up to our moments.  Otherwise, whole days, even a whole life, could slip past unnoticed.’

Jon Kabat-Zinn